Doughlings Developer Diary – Part 9: Currency Economy

In Doughlings, we are heavily focusing on the currency economy between these three items: Diamond, Life, and Elixir. These 3 currencies will accompany you on your journey and there will be plenty of ways to obtain them. Let’s have a look the ways you find them and the economy behind it.


Let’s start with Diamonds. This is the most important part of the economy in Doughlings. it is similar to other “cash” currencies you see in similar games. Of course, the easiest way to get diamonds is via App Store or Google Play stores. These stores will include several different packs with different price options. It is not a must to buy them but it will give you a speed boost in your character progress if you do. So what happens if you don’t buy them? Well, there will be 4 different ways to obtain them.

  • Levels: All 90 levels in Doughlings will give you a specific amount of Diamond at your first playthrough. Additionally, you will able to collect them while playing as well. We tried to give you the opportunity to proceed without paying a single dime as long as you are an active player and a successful one. For example, you can easily fully upgrade one of your characters without buying Diamonds from the shop if you complete all levels just once. Or you can choose to spend your well-earned Diamonds among all characters by upgrading them 1 or 2 levels. Of course, you don’t have to spend your Diamonds on Elixirs to upgrade. You can simply buy Boosters to help you at hard and secret levels. The choice is yours. 🙂
  • Achievements: There will be over 100 achievements in Doughlings and each one of them will grant you a gift among Diamonds, Elixirs or Lives. Achievements can only be completed once and the amount of reward they give is different, based on the difficulty of each achievement.
  • Events: Events will be a big part of Doughlings and we will start with 2 options for you to choose from: “Spin and Win” and “Daily Bonus”. These two events will grant you different items each time you use. “Spin and Win” may give you 50 Diamonds if you are lucky and there is no limit to try it. “Daily Bonus” is a 7 days attendance event which you can get rewards each day and each day will be different.

currency economy


Elixirs are the second most important item in the currency economy. With Elixirs, you can upgrade each persona you will unlock. But beware, there are seven different personas in Doughlings (including Morpheus) and it will take quite some time to upgrade them all. So we strongly suggest you to choose a couple of personas first to upgrade and then focus on others.

Like Diamonds, there are 3 different ways to obtain Elixirs: levels, achievements, and events. But additional to those options, you can buy Elixir packs from the shop by spending your well-earned Diamond. So either you choose to collect them from the game or go for an easy way and buy them from the shop. This will give you the opportunity to upgrade all personas in a short time and believe is, you will need it. But no worries, as we mentioned above, you can upgrade at least 2 characters even if you don’t buy any Elixir packs. This may be even more if you are lucky at the “Spin and Win” event and if you are playing harder and secret levels continuously.


Life is the third currency you will obtain in Doughlings. There are two different Lives in the game. One of them is required to play levels and the other is essential to proceed in levels if you fail. There is no way to obtain the second life since it can be used only inside levels. So we will talk about the first one here. Lives, as elixirs, can be obtained from same sources: achievements and events but not levels. But there is one extra way to get lives and that is waiting. With each 5 minutes, the game will generate 1 free Life for you to use and you don’t have to be in the game for that. Like Elixir packs, you can also obtain Life Packs from the shop by spending Diamonds as well.

So as you see, these three currencies will be playing a big part in the currency economy. Our plan is to keep the joy even if you don’t buy any diamonds by giving you free goodies as long as you play. These free gifts will help you to obtain important upgrades and items as you progress. Of course, we tried to keep the balance between a user who makes payment and a user who doesn’t. Paying users in Doughlings will be “buying time” rather than “being the best”. So if you think you have time, well go for it.

Thanks for sticking with us this week too. Currency economy is a big part of Doughlings and we will do our best to keep it that way. We will be sharing great news in the upcoming weeks so take care and as always, #healThemAll!