How to Play Doughlings – A Guide to Newbies

With this week’s article, we would like to give you some details about differences of Doughlings from other Breakout and Brick Breaking games, how to play Doughlings and little tips and tricks which will help you on your way.

How to Play – Level Screen

Let’s start with basics. Doughlings have a couple of elements that you need to keep your eyes on at each level.
* Score: With each hit and combos you do, you will gain points. If you collect DNAs, stars, diamonds, and excitements as well, the points you gain will be much higher.
* Life: This “life” is different from the life you have in the main menu. Here, this shows the amount of life that you can spend until you fail.
* Star: Each level contains different amount of stars. To complete a level with 3 stars, you have to collect enough stars to fill the bar under the star icon. The more you fill, the more chance you will have to get 3 stars for that level.
* DNA and Show Off Bar: Each DNA and Show Off is limited. To see how much time you have left for any character or show off, you can check the upper right bar.
* Spotlights: With each excitement you collect for healing targets, you will light one of the spotlights. Gather 10 of them and you can use your Show Off ability.

How to Play – Targets and Collectibles

The main difference of Doughlings from other similar games is: clearing the current screen is not enough to complete a level. Each level contains more than 10 rows and with each row, a new line of targets appear on the screen that you need to heal. Your ball can change with each DNA (character) and each Show Off has a special ability which can help you at different conditions. So use your powers wisely and try to use different tactics for each new target you face.

As you heal targets, you will see some items are falling to the bottom of the screen. These may be detached targets that you need to avoid or collectibles like stars, diamonds, DNAs and excitements. Avoiding detached targets is important because they slow you down and decrease your score as well. So the rule is simple: run away from those targets and collect items while catching your ball.

How to Play – Controls

Even though this is the easiest part of our guide, it can be tricky to some players since there is no button on the screen. As the video shows above, pressing bottom left or right will move Morpheus. Swapping from left to right at the upper half of the screen will change the throwing angle while tapping anywhere on the same section will throw the ball. Simple, right? Well if it is still not clear, watch the video again. 🙂

One important thing to mention: playing on tablets can be much easier compared to mobile phones. So if you have a tablet as well, we recommend you to install Doughlings on it as well.


Doughlings is a game that you need to spend more time than other casual brick breaker or breakout games to understand. The more you play, it will become easier and of course challenging at the same time. So take your time, restart beginning levels until you feel comfortable and proceed to higher levels. Believe is, it will be so much fun. We will keep working on the user experience and learning curve with the upcoming updates to make it better and easier.

See you at the next one!