At Hero Concept we develop visionary reimaginations of the timeless classics of arcade gaming. We are ardent students of games and we study the histories of the ever-present classics in order to carry them into the 21st century–with panache.

We do this in an impossibly lean manner: with a tight-knit team, low overhead, and budgets that defy the norms of the industry. We release on all major platforms and take care of our community of players.

We enjoy developing new skill-sets as we venture into new genres and new audiences. We aim to make every next game deeper and grander then the previous one while creating more inventive, immersive, and indelible worlds within them.


Serkan Özay

Creative Director

20+ years experience as a designer, metalhead, trekkie and comics geek.


Turgut Hakkı Özdemir

Lead Programmer

Maestro of programming video games including console, PC and mobile.


Alican Kaynak


Stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder acting as a game developer.



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